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Credit where credit is due Credit where credit is due Credit where credit is due Credit where credit is due

Writing an application as complicated as TandemVids® from the ground up and deploying a website to provide licensing and purchasing capabilities is not for the feint hearted. It involves a lot of hard work and a lot of heart ache. Things don't always go to plan and time isn't always your friend. Without the generous support of the people and companies I mention on this page, there would be no Swoopware and certainly no TandemVids®.

First and foremost, a special mention to my wife, Karen, for allowing - without complaint - the gazillion hours of computer time.

This website is actually comprised of three completely separate applications loosely rolled into one. The main application, which is what you're reading now is my own code.

My forum is a largely unmodified application based on the brilliant open source discussion forum called YetAnotherForum.NET or YAF, pronounced laugh. It hasn't missed a beat and will continue to provide support for all of you well into the future. YAF is licensed under GPL. I am deeply indebted to the developers who decided to let me use their cool code on my own site.

My store is based on nopCommerce, an open source shopping cart. I have modified their code somewhat to suit my requirements but the core code is untouched. I learnt a lot from their code and realise just how talented the developers at nopCommerce are. Thanks again for allowing me to use this excellent shopping cart to supply licenses for TandemVids®.

The incredibly awesome images on the navigation buttons at the top of this page were designed by Everaldo Coelho a graphic designer who released the wicked Crystal Project Icon set under the GNU General Public License. They even took the time to respond to an email I sent them ensuring I did have permission to use their icons on a commercial project. Thanks again for your generosity guys. It is very much appreciated as I'm not much of a graphic designer so I need all the help I can get.

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