The individual columns shown on the search screen can be displayed or hidden by using the Columns button.


You can also change the visible columns by using the right click context menu.


The select columns item is also available on the right click context menu

When the Columns screen is shown, the visible columns are ticked and the hidden columns are not ticked.


Visible columns are ticked

Each of the available fields used to store information about a customer are displayed. To change the visibility of a particular column, tick or remove the tick for the desired field and click OK.


Click OK to commit changes to the column states.

To cancel any changes made to the visibility of any columns click Cancel.


Click Cancel to cancel any changes to the visible state of columns.

The Name column cannot be hidden so, if there is no tick, it will be ticked automatically when you click OK.

To display every column, click the "Tick all" button in the upper right corner to tick every field.


Every field will be displayed

To hide every column except the Name column, click the "Clear all" button in the upper right corner to clear the tick from every field.


Only the Name field will be displayed. It can't be hidden.


The Name column cannot be hidden.

To reset all columns back to their default size, position and visible state, select Search from the Default columns item in the Tools menu.


Reset the Search columns to their default state.


Reset Search column confirmation.


All columns on the Search tab have been reset back to their default state.