Building Sony Vegas Templates

This is not intended to be help documentation for Sony Vegas Professional. There are many online tutorials available to get you up to speed with editing videos using Sony Vegas and the help documentation supplied with Vegas is far more comprehensive and complete than this will ever be.

What we are trying to do here is bridge the gap between TandemVids and Sony Vegas, paying particular attention to the template modifications directly related to the TandemVids functionality.

Empty Events

The magic that is TandemVids is all hinged around empty events in Sony Vegas templates. We replace empty events in the Sony Vegas template with the source media from your camera. It really is that simple.

Our tandem handcam template contains ten empty events as defined below but you are free to create your own templates with your own predefined number of events. We find these ten events easy to remember especially for instructors new to this technique. These are the events we'll be using throughout the tutorials we step through within this help documentation.

  1. Meet and greet

  2. Geared up practice

  3. At the plane

  4. Take off

  5. Half way

  6. Ready to go

  7. Freefall

  8. Under canopy

  9. Landing

  10. How was that?

My tutor jump template consists of just three empty events.

  1. What are we doing today?

  2. Freefall

  3. Their landing

To create a new Sony Vegas template ready to be imported into TandemVids, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Create a new project in Sony Vegas.

  2. Check the project properties match your source media.

  3. Insert an empty video track.

  4. Insert an empty audio track.

  5. Right click in the video track and select Insert empty event.

  6. Right click in the audio track and select Insert empty event.

  7. Select your two empty events, right click and select group or press 'G'.

  8. Repeat this process until you have enough empty events to meet your template needs.

Let's create the Skydive Townsville handcam template from scratch. Fine tuning and additional effects like the lower half beneath the customer's name are left as home work.


Create a new project in Sony Vegas and select Full HD PAL settings. This is for Australia. Select 60i for the NTSC format used in the US.


From the Insert menu, select Video Track


From the Insert menu, select Audio Track


Select the video track


From the Insert menu, select Generated Media


Select Sony Solid Color and click OK


Select the Black preset and close the video media generator form


Press Ctrl + Right Arrow to jump to the end of the inserted black media


From the Insert menu, select Empty Event


Select the audio track


From the Insert menu, select Empty Event


Hold the Ctrl key down and click on both empty events to select them


From the edit menu, select Group -> Create New (or press G).

This groups the two empty events together so we know where to insert the audio associated with your source media.


Ensure automatic crossfades is enabled


Create a crossfade by dragging the grouped empty events over the generated black media


Select the grouped empty events and select Copy from the Edit menu.


Move to the end of the grouped empty events using Ctrl + Right Arrow.


From the Edit menu, select Paste Repeat


Enter nine repeats end to end and click OK


Your template should now look like this with ten empty events each of which is grouped with it's empty audio event.


Drag each of the ten empty events to overlap it's neighbour.


All empty events are now crossfaded. Press Ctrl + Right Arrow to jump to the end again.


From the Insert menu, select Generated Media


Select Sony Solid Color


Select Black from the Presets and close the Video media generator


Drag the black media over the last empty event to create the final crossfade.

You now have a basic Sony Vegas template with ten empty events ready for import into TandemVids.

Before you import the template, jump to the Generated text topic to ensure your customer's name, skydive date and celebration will be inserted into your template.

Now is a great time to save your template!