Removing TandemVids from your computer

Windows built in Add/Remove programs

Removing TandemVids from your computer is achieved using the standard Windows add/remove programs feature.

From the Control Panel within Windows, select add/remove programs. For Windows 7 and Vista, select Uninstall a program.

Select TandemVids from the list of installed programs and click the Uninstall or Remove button.


Select Uninstall from the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature.


Confirm the uninstall


The Windows installer is preparing to remove


Ensure the Verified Publisher is Swoopware Pty. Ltd. before allowing the software to access administrative areas of your computer.

Advanced clean-up

The standard removal of TandemVids does not completely remove the software from your computer. If you were to install another copy of TandemVids, all of your settings and customers would still be available. For most standard users, this shouldn't really be a concern but for those advanced users who like a clean environment without any left over bits and pieces, some extra work is required.

Follow these steps to completely wipe TandemVids from your computer. The File Locations help topic explains the various areas on your computer where TandemVids stores information.

Assuming default locations have been used and the D drive on your computer was detected as the largest available hard drive during installation.

Working Folders and Local Projects

Remove the working folders and local projects and repeat for any extra instance folders you may have created.

Swoopware Program Data folder

Remove the Swoopware folder and sub folders from the Program Data area on the C Drive. You will need to enable Hidden Files and Folders to access this area.


Select Folder Options from the Tools menu in Windows Explorer (press Alt to display the menu)


Show hidden files, folders and drives


Select the hidden ProgramData folder from your C: drive


Delete the Swoopware folder from the ProgramData area


Don't forget to turn off the Show hidden files and folders feature

Swoopware Registry Key

Remove the Swoopware registry information from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Swoopware


From the Windows Start Orb, run "regedit.exe"


Confirm the User Access Control prompt


Delete the Swoopware registry key and all sub keys from the CURRENT USER hive under Software