TandemVids® Overview

What is it?

We make your videos while you jump!

TandemVids is a skydiving focused video archiving solution. It was built by a skydiver to fill a gap in the industry and completely automate the production of skydiving videos.

Some of our instructors don't have email and haven't embraced the computer world but they produce wicked videos using TandemVids. It's so easy for the end user, you could teach a ten year old how to produce your videos.

It was primarily designed to accommodate the fast paced life of a tandem instructor pumping out ten or more tandems complete with handcam video and photos in the course of a day. The versatility of the software presents itself to all kinds of skydiving videos, handcam is but one of those types. The software can be used for outside tandem videos complete with SLR photos, inside and outside AFF videos, team jumps, big-ways, fun jumps or any other kind of skydiving video you can think of. You control the look and feel of the templates, so you control the final output.

It creates DVD, Blu-ray, or USB Flash format videos and can automatically upload the day's videos to YouTube. Photos can be extracted from the source media or imported from a separate stills camera. Any format or output that Sony Vegas supports - even a customised rendering template - is also available to TandemVids. Go Pro cameras are fully supported.

The USB Flash output can be rendered to any format Sony Vegas supports and sent to any folder your computer can access. This lends itself to all manner of end results. You could easily and quickly output the final video to the customer's iPhone for a preview while it's building their DVD.

A simple search screen allows you to locate any video in the system even if the videos have been archived out to separate storage media. You can open any customer's video from any day and burn a new copy or create a different format or even use their source media to start a new video based on a different template or using alternative music.

As you can probably determine, customisation and versatility are the keys with the devil in the detail completely hidden from the end user or the busy tandem instructor on the beach.

How does it work?

You create templates in Sony Vegas Professional. Within those templates you insert empty video and audio events. You import those templates into TandemVids and configure settings specific to each empty event.

After your jump, you enter the customer details, choose the start and end of freefall, select their template and music, tick the desired outputs and click the burn button.

The following is what we do while you go jumping;

Do I need a super computer to run it?

Any modern Notebook or Desktop system will run TandemVids.

We use an $1,100AUD Core i5 Notebook at Skydive Townsville and it takes 15 minutes to produce a DVD with photos and archive the customer in Full HD for future proof Blu-ray burns. A solid desktop will reduce this time to around 10 minutes.

How much does it cost?

TandemVids has been aimed at both commercial dropzones and individual instructors, tutors and fun jumpers. The pricing was designed to be affordable to everyone but it has been a long hard road with many ups and downs so it couldn't be given away. A freeware version with certain limitations is available for non-commercial use and fun jumpers.

$200 AUD - TandemVids. This is a single computer license. Australian customers will be charged an additional 10% GST.

$600 USD - Sony Vegas Professional, which is required to run TandemVids.

Sounds too good to be true. Does it work?

TandemVids has been in production at Skydive Townsville for nine months and hasn't missed a beat. It's produced over 400 videos for us, all of which are available on YouTube.

It's also being used at a busy dropzone with Cessna Caravans at York near Perth. They've produced over 200 videos to date and run two instances on each of two computers producing four DVD's concurrently.

This is a list of dropzones and jumpers currently using TandemVids to produce their skydiving videos. You'll find their uploads on YouTube. Search for Swoopware.

Where do I get a copy?

Register at Swoopware.com and download the freeware version from the downloads page. A license can be bought online with PayPal.

Is it easy to use?

Once configured, a ten year old can use TandemVids.

The configuration side of things can seem a little daunting at first but isn't really all that difficult. Don't expect to download and be up and running in a few hours. You'll need to build and test templates for both Vegas and DVD Architect and configure your event settings and choose music devoid of copyright issues.

Even if you've never used Vegas or DVD Architect, there are many tutorials online and their help documentation is awesome. You'll be up and running in no time. Start simple with a basic template and work your way up from there.

We have step by step tutorials complete with screen shots to walk you through creating Sony Vegas templates and DVD Architect templates.

TandemVids is easier to use than editing software and many of the defaults will work fine for most people. If you can use Sony Vegas, you'll have no dramas with TandemVids. There are a couple of traps along the way but they are well documented. The forum is a great place to ask questions and seek help and the developer is on hand to personally assist with any issues that may arise.