TandemVids Installation Instructions

  1. Download the latest version of TandemVids from http://www.swoopware.com/downloads/downloads.aspx

  2. Extract the two installation files from the downloaded “TandemVidsV2011.x.x.x.zip” file.

  3. Execute the file called “Setup TandemVids.exe” by double clicking on it in Windows Explorer.

  4. Follow the prompts as per the screenshots below.

The following pre-requisites are required by TandemVids

Run the Setup TandemVids executable file

Click Next on the Welcome screen

Read the License Agreement, select "I Agree" and click Next

Please read the TandemVids Information and click Next

Installing for everyone is selected by default - Click Next

Click Next to confirm your settings and begin the installation

Please wait while the digitally signed security certificate is authenticated online by Microsoft

Ensure the Verified publisher is Swoopware Pty. Ltd

Please wait while the installation proceeds

The installation is complete - Click Close