File locations

It's important to understand where TandemVids stores its data, files and folders and how it manipulates certain areas of your computer.

Understanding the link between DVD Architect and TandemVids is imperative to a smooth work flow.

Working folder and special sub folders

By default the working folder is created on the hard drive with the largest amount of available space. In certain situations, this may be erroneously picked up as an external hard drive such as a USB Western Digital Passport for example. The working folder should be configured on a local fixed hard drive within your computer. See the Files topic in the Options section for details on changing the working folder.

Regardless of where you set your working folder, it will always end with "\Swoopware\TandemVids". We force this naming convention to avoid the risk of cleaning an important folder on your computer. In older versions, it was possible to set the working folder to "C:\" and we'll let your imagination run with that one.

The reason we choose a folder outside your "My Documents" area is due to the large amounts of data we work with. Most people have automatic backups scheduled, which pickup your "My Documents" folder and all sub folders. We didn't want to potentially risk your backup strategy with an excessive amount of extra data.

Let's say the drive with the most free space is your D: drive for Data. This is a common Notebook configuration. In this case, the default working folder will be set to "D:\Swoopware\TandemVids". We'll assume this is the case for the remainder of this topic. Inside the working folder, we create a number of additional files and folders, which we'll explain here. The most important folder is the Instance folder, which indicates the instance number of the currently executing TandemVids application. If you only have one instance running, this folder is called "Instance 01" and cannot be changed.

Special sub folders of the working folder

Special files in the working folder

Photos Folder

The Photos folder deserves a special repeat mention because it can be moved outside of the working folder if desired. Everything within this folder is deleted before each video is started. You are warned about this when you move the folder. An unfortunate incident occurred before this warning existed. A jumper pointing this folder to his SLR folder. His SLR folder with the jump photos was wiped and the photos were lost.

The SLR folder should be consistent for all jumpers, pointing to a specific card reader with sub folders selected. All photos will be picked up from the card if they exist. Cards should be formatted before every jump to avoid mixing customers and the configuration tabs like the photos tab should be hidden during operations so incidents like the one above cannot occur.

If you have a card reader that maps different card types to separate drive letters, you can use a third party tool such as Zentimo to manage those cards. Zentimo allows you to map several drives to various sub folders beneath a parent folder. You can then point the SLR photo folder in TandemVids to the parent folder. This will allow jumpers with different cards such as SD and Compact Flash to use TandemVids without requiring configuration changes between burns.

"D:\Swoopware\TandemVids\Instance 01\Photos" - this folder can be moved but will always end with "Instance xx\Photos". This is where we store photos extracted from the source media and photos imported from an SLR camera. You need to point your extras folder in your DVD Architect project to this folder. This folder is emptied prior to starting every video.

Local projects and archive folders

The local projects folder is used to store the completed video projects along with any extracted or imported photos. Customer projects are organised into sub folders by year and then by date. Archive folders follow an identical format.


The local projects folder structure is organised by year and then by date

Program Data Folders

The hidden program data folder is a special Windows folder and Swoopware uses it  to store data shared by all users and all instances of TandemVids. We store the imported Vegas templates, music, the main database and YouTube upload information in this area.

Special sub folders of the Swoopware program data folder

Special files in the Swoopware program data folder